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    Maxwell Mayhew


UTIX, accessible via, serves as a decentralized platform for event hosting and e-ticketing, employing blockchain-based smart contracts to bring more control to the community. It primarily aims to eliminate the chances of counterfeit ticket sales, manage secondary pricing, and allow event organizers to reap the benefits of blockchain without its complexities​. The platform is designed to revolutionize the event ticketing industry and is on a growth trajectory​​. UTIX was founded in 2019 by Maxwell Mayhew, who pursued a blockchain solution to counter online ticket scalping​.
The name UTIX also appears associated with UTix Social Ticketing, LLC, which is a separate entity based in Houston, Texas, focused on socially-enabled ticketing and venue engagement, founded in 2012. This is not to be confused with the blockchain-based UTIX platform discussed earlier.
The startup status of UTIX (blockchain-based platform) isn’t explicitly mentioned in the available sources. Generally, a startup is a company in the first stage of its operations, often initially bankrolled by their entrepreneurial founders. Given UTIX was founded in 2019, it could still be in its early stages, depending on its growth and development pace.

Utix and NFT Ticketing world

UTIX is carving out a significant role in the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) ticketing tech world by leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize e-ticketing. Here’s a breakdown of its role:

Decentralized Ticketing Solution

UTIX operates a decentralized, user-friendly ticketing system, which is a leading solution in the evolving landscape of NFT ticketing. The platform is designed to address common challenges in the ticketing industry such as scalping and counterfeit tickets by issuing tickets as NFTs linked to individuals’ KYC’d (Know Your Customer) wallets. This decentralized approach not only bypasses issues related to scalping and counterfeiting but also provides a simple, scalable e-ticketing solution with detailed analytics and low transaction fees for event organizers. Moreover, it ensures genuine tickets at fair prices for customers​.

Blockchain E-Ticketing API

UTIX has developed a blockchain e-ticketing API that is designed to be easy to white label. This enables businesses to seamlessly integrate the UTIX platform into their existing systems, including websites, mobile apps, or other ticketing systems. The flexibility and customizability of the API play a vital role in promoting the adoption of blockchain and NFT technology in the ticketing industry​2​.

Prominent Use Cases

UTIX’s technology has been successfully employed in notable events. For instance, Coachella 2022 utilized NFT tickets, offering added benefits to attendees. In this changing landscape, the MGM Grand Resort in Las Vegas has also adopted this NFT ticketing approach, with UTIX emerging as a leading solution in this domain​.

Recognition in the NFT Ticketing Tech World

UTIX is recognized among the best NFT Ticketing platforms of 2023, showcasing its significance and growing influence in this sphere. Its decentralized platform that utilizes blockchain-based smart contracts to bring control to the community is particularly appreciated​.
By marrying blockchain technology with NFTs in a user-friendly manner, UTIX is at the forefront of addressing longstanding issues in the ticketing industry, marking a significant technological leap that benefits all parties involved in the event hosting and ticketing ecosystem.


Utilizing UTIX for NFT ticketing is free for event organizers as there are no upfront payments required. The platform instead levies a small fee of 7.5% on each ticket purchased by the end consumer. Upon registration on the platform, users are automatically provided with a newly generated UTIX Ticket NFT Wallet and a UTIX Loyalty​.

Utix application

UTIX offers a mobile application called “Utix Ticket Reader” which is available on the App Store for iPad and iPhone users. This application is designed for managing e-ticketing and utilizes blockchain technology to eliminate the possibility of counterfeit ticket sales while controlling secondary pricing. It requires iOS 9.0 or later for iPhone and iPad users, and macOS 11.0 or later along with an Apple M1 chip or later for Mac users​.
Furthermore, UTIX’s blockchain e-ticketing API is designed to be easily integrated into various systems including websites and mobile apps, hinting at a mobile-friendly interface for users who prefer to access the platform via their mobile devices​.
The official UTIX website might have a mobile-responsive design to accommodate mobile users, but the specific details regarding the mobile-friendliness of their website weren’t explicitly found in the sources. Therefore, it’s advisable to visit their official website on your mobile device to check the user interface or contact UTIX directly for more detailed information.

UTIX provides a service for selling tickets as NFTs

UTIX enables the creation, management, and sale of NFT tickets for events. Through its blockchain technology, UTIX allows event organizers to issue tickets as NFTs, which can then be sold to attendees. This system ensures the authenticity of tickets and allows for controlled secondary pricing, making it a viable platform for selling NFT tickets.


UTIX is a blockchain-based e-ticketing platform that aims to revolutionize the event ticketing industry by eliminating counterfeit ticket sales and controlling secondary pricing. With a user-friendly interface and a focus on efficiency, it offers a unique solution in the NFT ticketing tech world. Although UTIX has a mobile application for ticket management, the specifics regarding the mobile-friendliness of their website weren’t clear. The platform is free for event organizers, with a 7.5% fee on ticket sales paid by consumers. While it’s seen as a promising platform, details on its biggest events and total ticket sales weren’t publicly available.

How to contact with Utix?

You can get in touch with UTIX support by calling them at +44 (0)20 8123 9443 (UK)​1​. I wasn’t able to find information regarding a live chat support option or other contact methods. For precise and additional support options, it might be helpful to visit their official help page or contact them directly through the provided phone number.

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Craig Python is an expert in blockchain technology with a passion for transforming the event ticketing industry. As a pioneer in the adoption of NFTs for secure and innovative ticketing solutions, she has been at the forefront of integrating decentralized systems with mainstream event platforms. His insights on NFT ticketing have guided startups and established companies alike in redefining the future of live events.

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