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YellowHeart is recognized as a startup that operates in the blockchain and ticketing sectors, providing a platform intended to benefit artists, teams, and fans by leveraging blockchain technology for ticketing purposes. The platform is described as socially responsible and focuses on live event ticketing. It’s autonomous, fully decentralized, and operates on a public blockchain, enabling artists and teams to directly identify, market, and sell to their fans​. The startup is involved in various sectors including blockchain, computer information technology, media, entertainment, and virtual reality. YellowHeart has had at least one funding round, the last of which was a pre-seed round, indicating that it’s in the early stages of its growth​.

NFT Ticketing with YellowHeart

YellowHeart issues tickets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing fans to purchase tickets through the YellowHeart app similar to traditional tickets. The utilization of blockchain technology enables YellowHeart to offer innovative features that are impractical for traditional ticketing companies​. Since September 2021, YellowHeart has actively rolled out their NFT ticketing technology at concerts and live events, marking a significant step towards mobile NFT ticketing​. With its own ticketing app, YellowHeart aims to disrupt the $15 billion live entertainment resale market, offering a controlled environment for reselling tickets​. Purchasers of NFT-based tickets on YellowHeart’s app essentially become token holders for the acts they see, being granted access to exclusive content and perks similar to that of a social token​.

YellowHeart’s Mission to Transform Event Ticketing

YellowHeart’s unique offerings include issuing tickets as NFTs to ensure authenticity and control resale, enabling direct communication between artists/venues and fans, providing exclusive content and perks to ticket holders, and fostering digital communities and memberships. These features, powered by blockchain technology, aim to create a more transparent, fair, and engaging ticketing ecosystem, distinguishing YellowHeart from traditional ticketing platforms and some competitors in the NFT space YellowHeart’s NFT ticketing technology aims to unlock creative digital experiences and content interactions, enhancing the fan experience and providing new tools and information for event producers and touring artists​. Smart Tickets engage fans, limit fraud, and allow ticket issuers to participate in resale revenues. Additionally, resale royalties enable ticket issuers to receive a payment on every resale, addressing a significant issue in the secondary ticket market​.

Through its platform, YellowHeart facilitates the creation of digital communities, enabling direct and lasting relationships between ticket issuers and their fans. It also offers digital memberships for exclusive access to content, perks, and special offers​​. YellowHeart fosters direct communication between artists/venues and fans through airdrop and push notifications, driving two-way communication that transcends social media following. This in turn, promotes engaging experiences and increased revenue for ticket issuers, while driving loyalty and retention among fans​​. The platform allows coupling tickets with collectible content such as art, music, and video, which fans can enjoy or resell, further enhancing the value and experience of the ticket purchase​​.

Token Gating with YellowHeart

YellowHeart provides gated access to streaming music and video for specific NFT holders, and exclusive access to ticket pre-sales, members-only content, and private community events, promoting a sense of exclusivity and community among fans​​. YellowHeart’s integration of NFTs into the ticketing landscape aims to solve longstanding issues such as fraud, scalping, and lack of engagement, while at the same time adding value for both the fans and the artists/venues. Through its innovative approach, YellowHeart is helping to drive the evolution of ticketing in the digital age.

YellowHeart registering

To use YellowHeart for NFT ticketing, you need to create an account. A guide on how to create a YellowHeart account mentions connecting your YellowHeart Wallet, setting up your account, and beginning interaction with the marketplace as part of the process​. For a more accurate and detailed guide, I would recommend reaching out to YellowHeart directly or checking their official website or user support channels for assistance.

Payment Methods Accepted by YellowHeart

YellowHeart accepts both cryptocurrency and credit card payments for its services. These payment options provide flexibility for users, catering to both traditional payment preferences and the emerging crypto-based transaction trend​.

How to Contact YellowHeart Customer Support?

You can contact YellowHeart’s support via email at contact@yellowheart.io or by phone at +1 917-300-8279​. However, the available resources did not provide information regarding the presence of a live chat feature for support. It might be beneficial to reach out to them directly using the provided contact details for the most accurate and updated information on their support channels and whether they offer live chat support.

Yellowheart mobile application

YellowHeart has launched its own NFT ticketing mobile app called YellowHeart Wallet, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, facilitating the discovery, purchase, and viewing of tickets for live entertainment and sports events. This app also allows users to join artist or team communities, redeem exclusive content, and more, enhancing the mobile ticketing experience for users​1​.

Selling Your NFT Tickets Through YellowHeart

Yes, you can sell NFT tickets with YellowHeart. The platform aims to enable a transparent and controlled environment for reselling tickets. By issuing tickets as NFTs, YellowHeart allows ticket holders to resell their tickets within the parameters set by the artists or event organizers. This feature helps to combat scalping and ensures that tickets are sold at fair prices, making the resale process more secure and transparent for both buyers and sellers​1​​2​.

How many NFT tickets were sold by YellowHeart?

However, there have been several notable sales and collaborations reported: A collaboration with Kings of Leon where they sold their new album “NFT Yourself” as a non-fungible token, although the exact number of NFT tickets sold wasn’t mentioned​. A collaboration with MGM Grand Resorts, where a collection of NFT tickets was sold for an event, but again, the exact number of tickets sold wasn’t specified​. An involvement in the SCOPE Art Show, which generated over one billion in sales, but it’s not clear how many of these sales were specifically NFT tickets sold through YellowHeart​. These instances highlight some of the sales and collaborations YellowHeart has engaged in, indicating their active role in the NFT ticketing space, but without precise sales figures disclosed. While all these events reflect significant milestones for YellowHeart in promoting NFT ticketing, the exact scale of each event in terms of audience size or ticket sales hasn’t been disclosed. Hence, it’s challenging to pinpoint the biggest event among them.

Final Thoughts on YellowHeart’s Role in NFT Ticketing

YellowHeart is a pioneering platform in the NFT ticketing sector, with a focus on utilizing blockchain technology to revolutionize the ticketing industry. However, there are areas where information is lacking, such as the specific fee structure for selling NFT tickets, the speed of ticket generation and minting, and the exact number of tickets sold in past events. Overall, YellowHeart is making significant strides in merging blockchain technology with ticketing solutions, aiming to address long-standing issues in the ticketing industry such as scalping, fraud, and lack of engagement.

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Craig Python is an expert in blockchain technology with a passion for transforming the event ticketing industry. As a pioneer in the adoption of NFTs for secure and innovative ticketing solutions, she has been at the forefront of integrating decentralized systems with mainstream event platforms. His insights on NFT ticketing have guided startups and established companies alike in redefining the future of live events.

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