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    Phil K-Dobson


DigiTix is an event ticketing platform secured by the Ethereum blockchain. The platform aims to offer a secure, smart, and user-friendly application providing transparency for event hosts and ticket owners. It addresses challenges in the ticketing industry, particularly scamming and scalping, by leveraging blockchain technology to distribute tickets that are verifiable prior to purchase and can be non-transferable to reduce scalping​. DigiTix started its platform development in June 2018​. The same year, DigiTix gained recognition as a finalist in the 2018 Global Music Blockchain Smackathon​. So, it seems that DigiTix began as a startup in 2018.

DigiTix offers a cross-platform ticket wallet solution. You can utilize your Ethereum wallet as your ticket wallet. For access, all you need is a dApp browser. Furthermore, DigiTix indicates that they will soon provide a mobile app, allowing users to have more convenient access to their services​. This suggests that while DigiTix is mobile-friendly, a dedicated mobile application might be in the pipeline for release in the future.

The role of DigiTix in NFT Ticketing

    • Get DigiTix Tokens: Users must acquire DigiTix tokens to enable premium features. Specifically, one needs to hold 10,000 DigiTix tokens to create events.
    • Create Event: On the dApp, choose ‘Create Event’ and input details like event name, venue, address, tickets, and date.
    • Publish Tickets: Define and announce the tickets, specifying tiers (like VIP, General Admission) and set their prices.
    • Market and Sell Tickets: Once set, people can purchase these tickets, which they’ll receive as QR-Codes and Ticket IDs in their Ethereum wallet.
    • Use Tickets for the Event: Attendees can present their tickets on the event day. Event organizers can delegate scanners to validate tickets at the entrance​​.
    • Security and Transparency: DigiTix is secured by the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring transparency for event hosts and ticket owners​.
    • Addressing Industry Issues: It targets prevalent issues in ticketing, such as scamming and scalping, by offering verifiable tickets before purchasing and options for non-transferability to reduce scalping​.
    • Versatile Platform: DigiTix’s dApp provides event management similar to traditional platforms but with the added benefits of blockchain like verifiable tickets and anti-fraud measures​.
    • Competitive Advantage: DigiTix has developed advanced, reviewed, and ready-to-launch smart contracts, positioning it strongly in the blockchain-based ticketing industry​.
    • Anti-Scam and Scalping: DigiTix tickets are cryptographically secured, ensuring authenticity​.

DigiTix utilizes its own tokens, known as DGT tokens, as a payment method on their platform. These tokens are primarily used for:

  • Unlocking premium features
  • Creating events
  • Purchasing tickets
  • Paying fees
  • Receiving discounts

It’s important to note that these DGT tokens are intended for utility purposes on the platform and should not be expected to appreciate in value. They are redeemable for the services currently available on the DigiTix platform.​

DigiTix Ticketing

You can sell NFT tickets with DigiTix. The platform allows users to create events, define ticket types and tiers, and sell these tickets. Once the tickets are set up, people can purchase them, and they receive these tickets as QR-Codes and Ticket IDs in their Ethereum wallet. These tickets are represented as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, which are a type of non-fungible token (NFT)​1​. This process ensures the authenticity and uniqueness of each ticket sold, leveraging the benefits of NFTs

DigiTix application

DigiTix offers a web and mobile-friendly platform. Users can manage their events on this platform similarly to traditional platforms. The DigiTix decentralized application (dApp) allows event creation, ticket type and tier definition, ticket selling, using, and verification. Users can browse events with filters, purchase tickets, and then utilize these tickets, which are represented as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain​1​. Additionally, DigiTix offers a cross-platform ticket wallet. Your Ethereum wallet functions as your ticket wallet, and you only need a dApp browser to begin using the service​2​. There’s no explicit mention of a standalone mobile application.


You can contact DigiTix support through the following methods:

  • Email: You can reach out to them at info@digitix.io.
  • Telegram: They also have a Telegram channel where you can join and possibly communicate with them​.

There’s no direct mention of a live chat feature on their website. If you’re looking for real-time support, joining their Telegram channel might be a suitable option.


DigiTix provides a unique solution in the event ticketing space by integrating blockchain technology. It promises enhanced security, transparency, and a better experience for both event creators and attendees. However, for more intricate details, direct engagement with their official channels would be beneficial

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Craig Python is an expert in blockchain technology with a passion for transforming the event ticketing industry. As a pioneer in the adoption of NFTs for secure and innovative ticketing solutions, she has been at the forefront of integrating decentralized systems with mainstream event platforms. His insights on NFT ticketing have guided startups and established companies alike in redefining the future of live events.

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