2.5% of marketplace transaction fee and a royalty of 10% are mentioned

  • Secure QR codes that refresh to avoid scams
  • Customizable sharing rules for event organizers
  • Prevents unauthorized resale
  • Excludes non-digital users
  • Limited ticket design options


  • Founded:
  • Founder:
    Matt Zarracina


True Tickets is a startup founded in the year 2017 by entrepreneurs Matt Zarracina, Steven Dobesh, and David Piskovich. The Boston-based company has developed a digital ticketing platform aimed at providing issuers more control over ticket transactions in the market. True Tickets offers services in event ticketing and organizing, working to simplify the buying, selling, and transferring of tickets for live events. The platform also received funding amounting to $5 million in a particular round from seven investors, reflecting a level of investor confidence in the venture​.

Role of True Tickets in NFT Ticketing

True Tickets offers a unique blend of features that sets it apart from competitors in the ticketing industry:

Secure Mobile Ticketing

True Tickets has placed a strong emphasis on revolutionizing secure mobile ticketing through contactless technology. They aim to enhance the ticketing experience for both venues and event-goers by providing a secure and scalable contactless digital ticketing service. The mobile ticketing platform is designed to streamline the process of buying, selling, and transferring tickets for various events​.

Control to Venues and Performers

Unlike some other ticketing platforms, True Tickets gives control back to venues and performers. This can potentially enhance the overall event experience for attendees, as venues and performers have better control over ticket transactions, which can lead to more organized and well-managed events​.

Digital Ticket Delivery

True Tickets is recognized as a leading provider of secure digital ticket delivery. They have also formed partnerships to broaden their service delivery, as seen in their partnership with State Theatre New Jersey, which is a cultural institution. Through such partnerships, True Tickets aims to extend its secure digital ticket delivery services to various sectors, ensuring a smooth ticketing experience for different types of events​.

Blockchain Technology

Though not explicitly mentioned in the provided snippets, there’s a mention of blockchain technology facilitating a transparent first and secondary market in one of the snippets. This could hint at blockchain being part of their unique offering to ensure transparency and security in ticket transactions​.

These features highlight how True Tickets is striving to provide a more secure, transparent, and user-friendly ticketing experience compared to some competitors in the market.


The specific fee or commission charged by True Tickets for each sold NFT ticket is not publicly available based on the information accessible. The resources explored don’t provide a clear breakdown of pricing or fees related to NFT ticketing on the True Tickets platform​1​. There’s information about fees related to selling NFTs on other platforms like Ticketmaster, where a marketplace transaction fee of 2.5% and a royalty of 10% are mentioned, but it’s unclear if True Tickets follows a similar fee structure​​. Another source discusses a generic fee structure for NFT-based tickets without mentioning True Tickets specifically.

For an accurate understanding of the fees or commission for selling NFT tickets on True Tickets, it would be advisable to contact True Tickets directly or check their official website for any updates or detailed pricing information regarding NFT ticketing services.

True Tickets application

you can use the True Tickets service on mobile devices. True Tickets offers a mobile application available for both Android and iOS platforms. The application allows you to buy tickets directly from artists and venues, sell your tickets, and transfer them to friends and family. It’s described as an event ticketing ecosystem enabled by blockchain technology, providing a marketplace for tickets to sold-out events among other features​.

Moreover, True Tickets also provides a mobile-friendly website, allowing patrons to access their digital tickets without the need for an app download. The website is designed with a responsive layout that adapts to both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a user-friendly experience across various platforms. The True Tickets digital ticket wallet on the website is designed to meet the highest AAA web accessibility standards, ensuring ease of use and accessibility for all users. Patrons can log in using the same credentials they use on the website, and the responsive design ensures the site looks great on both desktops and mobile devices, providing a seamless user experience whether you’re accessing the service on a computer or a mobile device​.

The mobile application and the mobile-friendly website provide flexible options for accessing True Tickets’ services, catering to different user preferences and needs.


The specific payment methods available for True Tickets service are not publicly provided in the resources. However, a related document from Dr. Phillips Center mentions accepted methods of payment including cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, traveler’s check, or Dr. Phillips Center gift certificate, in relation to True Tickets QR code activation​1​. This might suggest that these payment methods could potentially be utilized in transactions involving True Tickets, although this is not confirmed.

Moreover, the official True Tickets website mentions an alternative payment structure where clients can opt to pay a fixed fee of $5,000 annually for unlimited net new registrations, along with an option to add multiple branded Ticket Wallets for $2,900 per wallet per year​.

For a precise understanding of the payment methods available for True Tickets service, it would be advisable to contact True Tickets directly or check their official website for any updates or detailed information on payment methods.


You can contact True Tickets support through the following methods:

  • Phone: Call them at (855) 878-3849​1​.
  • Email: You can email them at info@true-tickets.com or support@true-tickets.com for any questions, complaints, or claims with respect to their service​.
  • Online Form: There’s an option to send a message through an online form on their official website under the “Contact Us” section​​.

True Tickets also has a physical address listed as 6 Liberty Sq Ste 2021, Boston, MA 02109-5800, if you prefer to reach out via traditional mail​.
Additionally, if you have chosen Digital Ticket Delivery, and do not have a smartphone or tablet, you can call 212.967.7555 or send a message to arrange to pick up your tickets at the Box Office according to a document on Help Scout Docs, though it may not be directly related to True Tickets’ support.

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    My experience with True Tickets was frustrating. The purchase process was complex, and I had issues transferring my ticket. Limited customer support made resolving these problems difficult


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