Ticketing Fee
4.50% on sold tickets + payment processing fees

  • Mobile application
  • Customizable white-label integration
  • Easy to use with minimal blockchain knowledge
  • Accepts various non-crypto payments
  • Secure NFT ticket resale
  • Less established than competitors
  • Additional costs from payment fees
  • Reliant on blockchain technology's stability


  • Founded:
  • Founder:
    Sebastiano Cataudo

MEGO Tickets

Mego Tickets is a private events services company active in the industry. The company’s profile on Crunchbase lists it as operational and within the events space, although the specifics of its services or the year it was founded are not detailed in the Crunchbase profile. Sebastiano Cataudo is noted as a founder. However, no additional information regarding its status as a startup or the exact founding year is provided in the Crunchbase entry​​​​.

For more detailed information, it might be necessary to consult additional resources or the company’s own website and communications.

The role of MEGO tickets in NFT ticketing

Mego Tickets serves as a one-stop solution for issuing NFT tickets with a focus on minimal friction and maximum customization. It provides a white-label platform that allows event organizers to issue smart tickets under their own branding directly from their existing websites. The system is designed to be fully customizable and quick to implement, suggesting that it simplifies the process of adopting NFT ticketing for various events. Mego Tickets’ role, therefore, is to make it easier for event organizers to take advantage of the benefits of NFTs for ticketing purposes, such as improved security, proof of ownership, and potentially enhanced engagement with event attendees​​.

Mego Tickets offers a unique set of features that distinguish it from competitors in the NFT ticketing market:

  • White-Label Solution: Mego provides a fully customizable ticketing system that can be integrated on top of an existing website, allowing event organizers to issue NFT tickets under their own brand seamlessly.
  • Ease of Use: The platform is designed to be user-friendly, enabling a quick setup so organizers can start issuing smart tickets “in the blink of an eye,” as per their claims.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: Users can buy tickets with preferred payment methods, including options that are familiar to non-crypto users, making it accessible to a wider audience.
  • Enhanced Event Experience: With the ability to issue NFT tickets, Mego Tickets offers the potential for adding value to tickets through exclusive content and community-based activities, thereby improving the overall event experience.
  • Efficient Resale and Transfer: By leveraging NFTs, tickets can be securely resold or transferred, with the original issuer maintaining control over the ticket lifecycle, which helps to reduce fraud and unauthorized scalping.

These offerings aim to make Mego Tickets an appealing choice for event organizers looking to incorporate the security and versatility of blockchain technology into their ticketing processes without compromising on the user experience for their customers​​.


To use Mego Tickets for NFT ticketing, here’s a step-by-step guide based on the available information:

  1. Sign up with your wallet or create an internal wallet using your email on the Mego Tickets platform.
  2. Purchase tickets using your preferred payment method.
  3. Save tickets to your Google or Apple Wallet for easy access.
  4. Enjoy enhanced event experiences with NFTs and community-based activities offered by Mego Tickets​​.

This registration process is streamlined to facilitate easy access and management of NFT tickets, with a focus on providing a seamless user experience.


The cost of using Mego Tickets for NFT ticketing is a fee of 4.50% per paid ticket sold, in addition to payment processing fees. This fee structure allows event organizers to sell tickets and offer various benefits per ticket, such as multiple payment options and streamlined ticket storage with a single click​​.

MEGO tickets application

Mego Tickets has a mobile-friendly website that allows users to manage their event tickets. The service emphasizes easy access to tickets, which includes saving them to Google or Apple Wallets for convenience. While the specific details about a dedicated mobile application were not mentioned in the information available, the features of their service are tailored to be used on mobile devices, ensuring users can handle their NFT tickets efficiently on the go​​.


Mego Tickets offers a variety of payment methods for its services. Customers can purchase NFT tickets using their preferred payment methods, although the specific options are not detailed in the provided information. Typically, such platforms may accept credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and possibly cryptocurrency transactions, given the nature of NFTs and blockchain integration. The emphasis on user choice and flexibility suggests that Mego Tickets aims to accommodate a range of payment preferences to ensure accessibility for a broad user base​​​​.

MEGO tikets support

To contact Mego Tickets support, you should visit their official website. The specific details regarding the availability of a live chat feature are not provided in the information available, so it’s not clear if they offer live chat support. For any inquiries or support, including questions about live chat, you should start by going to their official contact page. If live chat is an available option, it would typically be featured on their website, often with a chat icon visible on the page to initiate the conversation.

MEGO NFT Tickets

you can sell NFT tickets with Mego Tickets. The platform is built to take advantage of the unique benefits of NFTs, which includes the secure and verified resale of tickets. By issuing tickets as NFTs, Mego Tickets allows for genuine ownership and the potential to transfer or sell tickets within the rules set by the event organizer. This could provide a more controlled and legitimate secondary market for event tickets, reducing issues like fraud and unauthorized scalping​​.


Mego provides a cost-effective solution for event organizers. The platform allows for the easy resale of tickets and offers a mobile-friendly interface, although the total number of tickets sold and the details about the biggest events hosted are not widely publicized. Mego Tickets stands out for its white-label service, enabling event organizers to issue NFT tickets under their own branding, directly integrating with their existing websites.

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Craig Python is an expert in blockchain technology with a passion for transforming the event ticketing industry. As a pioneer in the adoption of NFTs for secure and innovative ticketing solutions, she has been at the forefront of integrating decentralized systems with mainstream event platforms. His insights on NFT ticketing have guided startups and established companies alike in redefining the future of live events.

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