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  • Direct Fan Engagement
  • Decentralized Control
  • Mobile app
  • Dependence on Platform Adoption
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  • Founded:
  • Founder:
    Bosko Gasic


BeatBind is a decentralized blockchain platform focused on revolutionizing music event organization. It seeks to address the fragmented nature of the music events industry, with challenges such as ticket scalping, forgery, and inaccurate revenue predictions. The platform’s cryptocurrency token, BBND, will be used for all its transactions. BeatBind introduces several key features:

BeatBidder: Connects venues, DJs, artists, and other parties for music event organization, leveraging auction systems.

BeatBuy: A ticketing system that prevents ticket scalping and forgery.

BeatX: An app that engages fans and allows them to shape the events they attend.

BeatAI: Uses machine learning for revenue estimations, aiding in decision-making within the music event organization process. From the available information, BeatBind’s roadmap began in Q1 2021, indicating it was founded around or before that time​.

BeatBind role in nft ticketing

BeatBind operates within the NFT ticketing tech space by developing a decentralized blockchain platform to revolutionize music event organization. The platform, through its ticketing system, aims to offer solutions to prevalent challenges in the music events sector such as ticket scalping and forgery. From the search results, it’s hinted that BeatBind employs NFT technology to provide “an edgy way to buy tickets, get perks and collect memories.” This suggests that the platform might be utilizing NFTs to offer unique ticketing experiences, ensuring genuine tickets and providing additional value like digital collectibles or experiences for fans​.

However, to get a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of BeatBind’s role in the NFT ticketing world, it would be beneficial to delve into specific articles or sources dedicated to that subject. Would you like me to explore other sources or provide further information on a related topic.


BeatBind’s unique payment structure revolves around its utility token, BBND. The platform aims to generate revenue through several streams:

Commission: BeatBind incurs a commission on all transactions on BeatBidder, including artist shows, event organization, venue rentals, and event ticket sales.

Promotional Fees: Another potential revenue stream for BeatBind. Subscription Models: Fees might be associated with specific app features.

Advertising Fees: Revenue from platform and app advertising.

It’s important to note that BeatBind utilizes its BBND utility token as a medium of exchange for all transactions on the platform. The token is based on the Ethereum blockchain, following the ERC-20 standard​.

However, for explicit payment methods (e.g., credit card, cryptocurrency), it would be ideal to consult BeatBind’s official documentation or support.

BeatBind mobile application

there is a mention of the BeatX mobile app, which is designed to keep fans engaged with the BeatBind ecosystem. However, the website doesn’t specifically state if the main BeatBind platform is available as a dedicated mobile application. The website itself seems to be designed in a modern fashion, which often implies mobile-friendliness, but there’s no explicit mention of this feature either.

To confirm the availability of a mobile application or to get details about the mobile compatibility of their website, it would be best to reach out directly to their provided email address.


To contact BeatBind’s support:

Email: You can reach out to them at info@beatbind.io.

Support Availability: Their team is available 24/7 and will respond promptly to inquiries​​.

Currently, there’s no explicit mention of live chat support on their website. However, reaching out via the provided email address should get you the assistance you need. If you’re interested in live chat support, you might consider checking their website directly or inquiring about it in your email to them.

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