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    Alexander Kennepohl, Charlotte Schumann

Plentix ticketing review

Plentix was founded in 2017​. It appears to be related to the events industry, as it’s described as a product of Evedo, which is a blockchain-based platform aimed at unifying businesses and participants involved in organizing events. Given this description and its presence on platforms like LinkedIn, it’s reasonable to infer that Plentix is indeed a startup.

The role of Plentix in NFT Ticketing

Plentix recognizes the innovative potential of NFT tickets in the event industry. These tickets offer unique engagement opportunities for organizers and attendees, ensuring secure digital asset ownership, complete ticket distribution control, anti-scalping capabilities, and new revenue avenues for organizations. As NFT tickets gain popularity and become more prevalent, Plentix envisions a significant role for itself. The company is developing special initiatives to offer user-friendly solutions, allowing both event organizers and attendees to easily adopt this emerging technology. These advancements from Plentix in the NFT ticketing realm are expected to be unveiled in the near future​.

How to Start Using Plentix

If you want to use Plentix for NFT ticketing, you need to register. Here’s a step-by-step registration guide:

Visit the Plentix website and navigate to the NFT Tickets section​. Click on “Sign up” if you don’t have an account yet​​.

  1. Fill out the Registration Form:
  • Email Address: Enter your valid email address.
  • Your Name: Provide your full name.
  • Password: Choose a strong password.
  • Confirm Password: Re-enter the password for verification.
  1. Agree to the Terms of Use: Check the box to accept Plentix’s terms​.
  2. Click on the “Sign up” button to complete the registration​.
  3. Alternatively, you can also continue with your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account​.

After registering, you can sign in and start using Plentix’s NFT ticketing features.

Plentix NFT Ticketing Fee

Plentix offers a simple and transparent pricing model for organizers:

  • No Plans, No Fees: Plentix provides most of its features for free. Organizers only pay a commission if they’re hosting paid events. All other taxes and fees are managed by Plentix​.
  • Low Commission for Paid Events: The commission rate is set at 5%. This means, for example, if a ticket is sold for $100, the organizer receives $95, with the remaining $5 being the commission​.
  • No Commission for Free Events: If you’re hosting a free event, there’s absolutely no commission​.

For custom commission rates or specific collaborations, Plentix suggests contacting their sales team or considering partnership options.

Plentix charges a commission of 5% for paid events. This means that if an NFT ticket is sold for a specific price, 5% of that price will be taken as a commission by Plentix. For instance, if an NFT ticket is sold for $100, the organizer would receive $95, and Plentix would take a $5 commission​.

Plentix offer

Plentix offers a referral/reward platform that connects and rewards users efficiently. This platform provides businesses and developers with a cost-effective and trustworthy referral system. An aspect that stands out about Plentix is its utilization of blockchain technology, which offers advanced features like high-speed transactions at much lower costs compared to its competitors. This circumvents scalability issues faced by platforms dependent on Ethereum​.

Moreover, the platform positions itself as an all-inclusive solution for events, streamlining the event organization process. It enables users, referred to as “social explorers,” to discover, book, and share experiences​. While these features offer insights into Plentix’s unique offerings, a more in-depth analysis or comparison with direct competitors could provide a clearer differentiation. Would you like me to explore further, or is there anything else I can assist you with?

What Is the Biggest Event with NFT Tickets Organized by Plentix

The “ECOX Dubai” event is one of the notable events facilitated by Plentix, and it’s dubbed as “Dubai’s Most Famous & Biggest Networking Event.” This event revolved around topics like blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, digital technology, and cryptocurrencies. It took place at the Vii Club in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road. The event details emphasize its prominence in the realm of blockchain and associated technologies​.

However, the exact number of NFT tickets sold for this event or if it was the absolute biggest in terms of ticket sales wasn’t specified in the content. For detailed statistics, reaching out to Plentix or the event organizers directly might be the best approach.

Payment methods

Plentix is incorporating blockchain into their services. This suggests the potential for crypto payments. Furthermore, their pricing page mentioned the upcoming feature of “Crypto Payments” indicating the platform’s intention to allow payments and payouts using popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EVED​.

To get detailed and up-to-date information on all available payment methods, I recommend reaching out to Plentix’s support or checking their official website’s FAQ or payment sections.

Plentix mobile application

It appears that Plentix is currently developing something, potentially an application, as suggested by the domain “plentix.app” and the message “Under Development” on the webpage​. While the exact nature of this development is not detailed, the term “app” and the invitation to “Become a Beta Tester” hint at the possible development of a mobile application​.

Regarding the mobile-friendliness of their website, while the specific technical details aren’t provided, most modern websites, especially those in the tech and events sector, prioritize mobile optimization. However, to ascertain the exact mobile-friendliness, one would ideally need to access the website from a mobile device or use specialized tools to check for mobile optimization. For precise details, I’d recommend reaching out to Plentix directly or checking the website on a mobile device.

Generating nft tickets

Plentix’s platform allows event organizers to generate NFT tickets, which are digital assets stored on a blockchain. These tickets act as tokenized access to events or services, facilitating purchases using cryptocurrency. NFT tickets come with built-in smart contracts to ensure transaction authenticity and security. An essential advantage is that NFTs provide a safe and secure way to access events, with guaranteed authenticity due to blockchain technology, making counterfeiting nearly impossible​.

While Plentix details the benefits and features of NFT ticketing, the specific process and speed of selling an NFT ticket aren’t directly mentioned. However, Plentix’s emphasis on user-friendly access suggests they aim to make the process as efficient as possible​1​. If you’re looking for exact details on selling NFT tickets with Plentix, it might be best to contact them directly or refer to their platform’s specific documentation or user guides.

Plentix’s approach to NFT tickets, referred to as “NFTix”, is designed to revolutionize the events and entertainment industry. Here are some unique facets of their NFT ticketing system:

  • Empowerment: Plentix aims to give audiences a lasting memory and heightened engagement by leveraging blockchain technology​.
  • Authenticity: The platform offers NFT tickets that are programmable and come with a native certificate of authenticity, ensuring genuine ticket ownership​.
  • Blockchain Integration: By implementing blockchain technology, Plentix promises security, transparency, and trustless dealings​.
  • Additional Values: Event organizers can offer extra perks, collectible value, authenticity checks, and more to ticket holders​.

While the website provides an overview of NFTix and its benefits, specific details regarding the speed of generating and minting NFT tickets were not directly mentioned. However, the emphasis on blockchain technology suggests efficiency and quick transactions. For more detailed information on the exact minting process and its speed, contacting Plentix directly would be the best approach.

Plentix contact information

You can contact Plentix’s support through several methods:

  • Email: You can send your inquiries or feedback to info@plentix.co​.
  • Social Media: Plentix can be reached via their social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram​.

However, based on the information provided, it is not explicitly mentioned whether Plentix offers live chat support. If live chat is essential for you, I recommend reaching out through one of the mentioned methods to inquire further.


Plentix is a platform that leverages blockchain technology to offer innovative solutions in the events and ticketing industry. They’ve introduced “NFTix”, NFT-based tickets that provide security, authenticity, and additional value to ticket holders. The platform appears to be forward-thinking, aiming to revolutionize the traditional ticketing process with features like NFT ticketing and potential mobile app offerings.

Plentix has facilitated significant events, such as the ECOX Dubai networking event. They charge a 5% commission for paid events but offer their services free for non-paid ones. While they emphasize user-friendly access and blockchain’s benefits, specific operational metrics, like exact ticket sales, might require direct inquiry.

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Craig Python is an expert in blockchain technology with a passion for transforming the event ticketing industry. As a pioneer in the adoption of NFTs for secure and innovative ticketing solutions, she has been at the forefront of integrating decentralized systems with mainstream event platforms. His insights on NFT ticketing have guided startups and established companies alike in redefining the future of live events.

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