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Ticketsphere is a platform designed to revolutionize the event ticketing sector by utilizing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to improve the event experience for artists and fans. Chris Trew, the founder of Ticketsphere, has a background in various tech-related industries and identified the untapped potential of blockchain technologies. In 2016, Trew founded Stratis, a user and enterprise-friendly blockchain platform, and Ticketsphere is the newest component of this ecosystem. The platform aims to address traditional ticketing concerns by leveraging the unique properties of NFTs to offer an enhanced ticketing journey for event-goers​​.
Regarding the specific founding year of Ticketsphere, the available information from the search indicates that the platform is related to Stratis, founded in 2016, and Ticketsphere is described as the latest addition to this ecosystem. However, the exact founding year of Ticketsphere itself was not provided in the sources reviewed. The information does confirm that Ticketsphere is associated with the startup scene, particularly in the innovative technology sector of NFTs and blockchain for event ticketing.

The role of Ticketsphere in nft ticketing

Ticketsphere’s role in NFT ticketing is to offer a platform that integrates blockchain technology to create a more secure and enhanced ticketing experience. By using NFTs, Ticketsphere aims to provide benefits such as proof of authenticity, ownership, and the potential for tickets to have additional value or content beyond mere entry to an event. This can include exclusive content, memorabilia, and other experiences linked to the event. The use of NFTs can also potentially eliminate issues like fraud and scalping, making the ticketing process more transparent and equitable for event-goers and producers alike​​.
Ticketsphere integrates NFTs into its ticketing platform, which inherently allows for the resale of tickets as NFTs. The feature of being able to sell or transfer NFT tickets is one of the core benefits of using blockchain technology in ticketing. It ensures that each ticket is unique, verifiable, and securely owned, which can facilitate a legitimate resale market. However, any specific mechanisms or policies Ticketsphere has in place for selling NFT tickets on their platform, such as fees or restrictions, would need to be confirmed by referring to their official sources or support​​​​.


Registration on Ticketsphere involves a few steps designed to integrate NFT ticketing with ease of use, especially for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency transactions. Here’s a guide based on the available information:

  1. Select the event and ticket you wish to purchase on the Ticketsphere platform, which operates like a typical e-commerce site.
  2. Complete the purchase of your ticket using traditional payment methods like debit/credit cards or through bank transfers using the Open Banking standard.
  3. Install the Ticketsphere app on your mobile device.
  4. Once the app is installed, scan a QR Code from your mobile device to register your device as the ticket recipient.

The NFT for your ticket is then issued to your device, ensuring genuine ownership and a non-custodial experience​​.
This process demonstrates Ticketsphere’s commitment to making NFT ticketing accessible and user-friendly by bridging the gap between traditional e-commerce practices and innovative blockchain solutions.

Mobile application

Ticketsphere has mobile applications available for both iOS and Android devices, which can be downloaded from their respective app stores. This mobile app is part of their service, allowing users to manage their NFT tickets directly from their devices. Additionally, the Ticketsphere platform operates like a typical e-commerce site, suggesting that it may have a mobile-friendly website that users can access from various devices. The mobile app facilitates a range of functions, including purchasing tickets, establishing ownership of the NFT, and providing a seamless experience for event entry​​​​.

Trial period

The current state of Ticketsphere as being in “demo mode” allows users to explore its features using mock events for free, which can be considered as a sort of trial period. However, the specific duration of this trial period is not mentioned in the provided information. For real events and full access to all of Ticketsphere’s features, there may be different conditions that apply once the platform moves out of demo mode. For the latest and most detailed information regarding the trial period or demo mode duration, you should refer to the official Ticketsphere website or contact their customer service​​.

Ticketsphere’s unique offerings

Ticketsphere’s unique offer in the event ticketing market includes leveraging NFTs to enhance the ticketing journey for event-goers and organizers. The platform uses blockchain to provide genuine ownership and a non-custodial experience to ticket holders, which helps in combating fraud and unauthorized reselling. Additionally, it simplifies the process by allowing purchases with traditional payment methods and easy mobile app integration. These features, coupled with the potential for tickets to carry extra value, such as exclusive content or memorabilia, set Ticketsphere apart by addressing some of the traditional concerns in ticketing like loss, reselling, and fraud​​​​.

The Biggest NFT Ticketing Event Organized by Ticketsphere

The biggest event that used Ticketsphere for NFT ticketing was the Stratis Blockchain Meetups at the Tower Suites in London. This event served as the initial launchpad for Ticketsphere before the team planned to collaborate with established venues in London. The meetups allowed Ticketsphere to showcase its capabilities in issuing and validating NFT tickets and also provided a platform for event organizers to offer exclusive content, merchandise, and freebies to attendees, enhancing the overall event experience​​.

Ticketsphere payment methods

Ticketsphere allows users to purchase tickets using various traditional payment methods. These include using debit and credit cards, which is typical for e-commerce transactions. In addition to these conventional methods, Ticketsphere also supports bank transfers through the Open Banking standard, which is a secure way to authorize payments directly from bank accounts without needing to enter bank details on the site. This range of payment options makes it accessible for a broader range of users, including those who may be new to blockchain technology and NFTs, by not requiring them to use or own cryptocurrency for transactions​​.


To contact Ticketsphere support, you can visit the Stratis platform’s official contact page, which provides the necessary information for reaching out to them. The details regarding whether they have a live chat feature are not specified in the information provided. For direct inquiries, including questions about live chat support, you should use the following contact page: https://www.stratisplatform.com/contact/​​.


Ticketsphere is an innovative platform that brings the advantages of blockchain and NFT technology to event ticketing. It provides a secure, user-friendly system for purchasing, owning, and transferring event tickets as NFTs, with benefits like improved security against fraud and the ability to include exclusive content with tickets. While it’s currently in demo mode, allowing for free exploration of its features through mock events, the platform seems poised for broader use in the live event industry. The exact details about pricing, the number of tickets sold, and specific events utilizing its services remain unclear from public sources and would require direct inquiry for the most current information.

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