Ticketing fee
0.75$ for each sold ticket

  • Secondary Market Focus
  • Plans to offer NFT collectibles through airdrops
  • Platform Maturity
  • Operates on the NEAR blockchain, potentially less flexible
  • Unclear mobile application offering


  • Online since :
  • Languages:
    French, English, Czech, German
  • Number Of Slots:


Seatlab is a platform offering event ticketing and seat reservation software solutions. They provide a customizable platform allowing for interactive seat mapping, instant payouts, custom booking fees, and bespoke development services​1​. However, the founding year of Seatlab or its status as a startup isn’t publicly available on the website or other easily accessible sources. For more precise information, it might be beneficial to contact Seatlab directly through their website or check business directories or databases that might have detailed company profiles.

The role of Seatlab in NFT Ticketing

Seatlab has ventured into the NFT ticketing world through its sister company, SeatlabNFT. Here’s a detailed explanation of Seatlab’s role in NFT ticketing technology:

Utilization of NFT Technology

Seatlab, through SeatlabNFT, utilizes Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology to revolutionize the event ticketing industry. They transition ticketing on-chain, which means each ticket is represented as a unique asset on the blockchain. This immutable record helps in combating fraudulent ticket sales and scalping, which are significant issues in the traditional ticketing industry​.

Resale Royalties and Fair Pricing

A significant innovation brought by SeatlabNFT is the ability for artists and event organizers to earn royalties from ticket resales. In the traditional secondary market, tickets can be resold at astronomical markups without any revenue going back to the artists or event organizers. However, with NFT ticketing, a set percentage of the resale revenue goes directly to the designated royalty beneficiaries, thus ensuring fair pricing and revenue sharing​.

Direct Sales and Scalper Markups Avoidance

Artists have the capacity to mint and sell tickets directly to fans on SeatlabNFT, ensuring that purchasers avoid scalper markups. This direct sales approach is facilitated by the NFT technology, which also guarantees the authenticity of the ticket being purchased​​.

Enhanced Connection Between Artists and Fans

SeatlabNFT aims to foster closer connections between artists and their fans by reducing the impact of scalping and fraud, which are prevalent in the traditional ticketing industry. This is achieved by ensuring that tickets are unique, verifiable, and directly tied to the artist or event organizer, thus improving the overall ticketing experience and potentially building a stronger community around artists and events​.

Reduction in Transaction Costs and Speed

The NEAR blockchain underpins SeatlabNFT’s NFT ticketing process, allowing NFT tickets to be minted quicker and at a lower transactional cost than was previously possible. This feature is not only beneficial to the artists and event organizers but also to the fans as it contributes to a smoother and more affordable ticket purchasing process​. The aforementioned points elucidate the transformative impact Seatlab, via SeatlabNFT, is making in the ticketing sector by leveraging NFT technology to address long-standing challenges, thus setting a precedent for a fairer and more transparent ticketing ecosystem.

How to Start Using SeatLab?

Based on the information available, it seems like SeatlabNFT offers membership cards that provide access to exclusive rewards, and they also mention a seller dashboard where users can manage settings related to payment​. However, the exact step-by-step registration process for using Seatlab for NFT ticketing isn’t clearly outlined in the sources accessed. To get started with NFT ticketing on Seatlab, you might need to:

  1. Visit the SeatlabNFT website and look for a registration or sign-up option.
  2. Acquire a SeatlabNFT membership card, which seems to be a part of the process to access exclusive benefits​.
  3. Log in to the seller dashboard to manage settings, especially related to payment methods​.

For a detailed step-by-step guide, it would be advisable to contact SeatlabNFT directly or check their official website and help center for more information on the registration process.

SeatLab NFT Ticketing Fee

The fee structure for selling NFT tickets on SeatlabNFT is designed to favor both buyers and sellers. Here’s a breakdown of the fee or commission associated with selling an NFT ticket on SeatlabNFT:

  • Sellers are not charged any fees for selling NFT tickets on the platform​.
  • Buyers are charged a 5% fee on any purchase. However, this fee can be reduced for buyers who hold $SEAT tokens, with the reduction amount correlated with the number of tokens held​​.

SeatlabNFT claims to charge some of the lowest fees in the industry for using their platform, and they further offer the possibility to reduce these fees by holding $SEAT tokens​.
This fee structure aims to incentivize both buying and selling on the platform while also promoting the holding of $SEAT tokens to reduce transaction costs.

Seatlab offer

Seatlab, through its NFT ticketing platform SeatlabNFT, offers several unique features that differentiate it from competitors in the ticketing industry. Here’s a breakdown:

NFT Technology Integration

Utilizing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent tickets as unique assets on the blockchain, SeatlabNFT addresses common issues like fraudulent tickets and scalping. This technology also ensures the authenticity and provenance of tickets​.

Royalty Earnings on Resales

SeatlabNFT’s system allows artists and event organizers to earn royalties from ticket resales, a feature that helps redirect revenue from scalpers back to the event creators and organizers​.

Direct Sales to Fans

Artists can mint and sell tickets directly to fans on SeatlabNFT, reducing the chances of scalper markups and fostering a closer connection between artists and their fans​.
Reduced Fees with Token Holding

SeatlabNFT provides an option to reduce the buyer’s fee by holding $SEAT tokens. This not only lowers the cost for buyers but also incentivizes the holding and utilization of $SEAT tokens within the SeatlabNFT ecosystem​.

Global Blockchain-powered Events Powerhouse Vision

SeatlabNFT aims to become a global blockchain-powered events powerhouse by addressing fundamental ticketing issues and making ticketing fairer for fans while more profitable for event organizers​.

Exclusive Benefits with Membership Cards

SeatlabNFT offers membership cards providing access to exclusive benefits like launch party invites, free event tickets, massive giveaways, and a private concierge service​.

These features collectively offer a unique value proposition by attempting to create a fairer, more transparent, and more profitable ticketing ecosystem for all stakeholders involved. Through its blockchain-based NFT ticketing system, SeatlabNFT is working towards revolutionizing the traditional ticketing industry.

How to Connect Stripe Payment System on SeatLab

The payment method available for Seatlab’s service is through Stripe. Sellers on Seatlab need to connect their Stripe account to the platform to handle payments. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect your Stripe account to Seatlab:

  1. Login to the SeatlabNFT Seller Dashboard.
  2. Choose the settings tab in your dashboard.
  3. Scroll down to find the “Payments” section. Initially, the button with the Stripe logo is not selectable.
  4. Enter the country where your business is located.
  5. Click the blue “Connect with Stripe” button.
  6. You’ll be redirected to Stripe to complete your Stripe profile, which should take less than 5 minutes.
  7. After filling in all the required fields, you’ll be redirected back to your SeatlabNFT seller settings page, where a button will now allow you to view your Stripe dashboard whenever you like​.

This method enables the seamless processing of payments on the platform. However, there doesn’t appear to be information readily available regarding other payment methods on Seatlab. If you wish to explore more, it might be beneficial to contact Seatlab’s customer service for further details.

How to Contact SeatLab?

You can contact Seatlab support through various channels:

  • Live Chat:
    Seatlab provides live chat support for customers, as mentioned on their website​.
  • Email and Telephone:
    Besides live chat, you can also get in touch via email or telephone​.
  • In-Person:
    If you prefer, you can visit their office in Stratford-upon-Avon for in-person assistance​1​.
  • Online Contact Form:
    There’s an online contact form available on the SeatlabNFT contact page where you can send your inquiries or requests​.
  • Social Media:
    Additionally, Seatlab has a presence on social media platforms like Twitter, where they share updates and interact with the community.

These various channels provide flexibility for customers to choose their preferred method of contact based on their needs or preferences.

Seatlab mobile application

Seatlab provides a range of solutions for both mobile and desktop users:

  • Seatlab has designed its mobile ticketing system to be fully responsive and mobile-optimized. This ensures that users can access the platform from any device with a seamless user experience. The mobile-optimized website allows customers to purchase and access tickets on the go from anywhere with an internet connection​.
  • Seatlab offers native applications for iOS and Android, providing a dedicated mobile experience for users on these platforms. The applications are designed to handle thousands of transactions simultaneously, ensuring a smooth experience even during high-traffic periods​.
  • There’s a specific mobile app called the “SeatLab Wallet Mobile App” that allows users to store, manage, and purchase NFT event tickets and collectables on their mobile devices​.
  • SeatlabNFT also has a wallet app that users can download to purchase and store tickets as well as digital collectibles. The app is marketed as a new way to enjoy events, indicating a user-friendly and engaging interface​.

These offerings cater to the increasing demand for mobile accessibility and provide a flexible and convenient way for users to interact with Seatlab’s ticketing services, whether they are on the go or using a desktop.

Generate and Mint NFT Tickets with SeatLab

Generating and minting NFT tickets on Seatlab is portrayed as a quick and straightforward process, with multiple sources highlighting its efficiency and ease of use. Here are some key points:

  • Speed. Seatlab’s infrastructure, built atop the NEAR blockchain, is cited for its ultra-low transaction fees and blockchain speed, with the aim to enable artists and event organizers to set up a profile and mint their NFT tickets within a few minutes​.
  • Ease of Minting. The platform has been designed to make the minting process as accessible as possible, with a seller dashboard that simplifies the process down to just six steps from start to finish. Each step is intuitive, allowing users to navigate through the process independently​.
  • Instant Creation and Minting. The Seatlab platform allows for the instant creation and minting of NFT tickets, providing a seamless process for artists and event organizers​.
  • Cost Efficiency. Minting NFT tickets on Seatlab is noted to be 100% free for artists and event organizers. The platform’s utilization of the NEAR blockchain architecture results in extremely low gas fees for high-volume NFT minting, and the platform covers any minimal gas fees incurred, thus ensuring a cost-effective minting process​.

These aspects underline Seatlab’s commitment to providing a fast, efficient, and user-friendly platform for the generation and minting of NFT tickets, making it a viable choice for artists and event organizers looking to leverage the benefits of NFT technology in the ticketing domain.

Selling NFT Tickets with SeatLab

You can sell NFT tickets with Seatlab. Seatlab, through its platform SeatlabNFT, provides a marketplace for the creation, minting, and selling of NFT tickets. Artists and event organizers can sign up, set up a profile, and mint their NFT tickets, which can then be sold on the platform. The process is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, enabling sellers to list their events, mint NFT tickets, and sell them on the SeatlabNFT platform without incurring any fees for these actions. The platform also provides a seller dashboard to simplify the selling process, making it accessible and easy to navigate for users.

What Is the Biggest Event with NFT Tickets Organized by SeatLab

The biggest events with NFT tickets created by Seatlab that I was able to find are associated with the New York Fashion Week and a celebration event at the EIS Women’s Edition 2023 hosted at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. In the former, Seatlab collaborated with Moonpay to deliver an NFT experience at New York Fashion Week, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America picked Moonpay as their partner platform for all upcoming fashion NFTs​. In the latter, Seatlab powered the celebration of the most influential individuals in sport at EIS Women’s Edition 2023​.
However, it’s unclear which of these events had a larger scale or more NFT tickets issued, and there might be other bigger events Seatlab has been associated with that were not found in the available sources. For the most accurate information, you might want to contact Seatlab directly or check their official announcements and news releases.


Seatlab, via its platform SeatlabNFT, has positioned itself as a notable player in the NFT ticketing sphere, offering solutions aimed at transforming the traditional ticketing industry.
SeatlabNFT’s unique value proposition lies in merging the benefits of blockchain and NFT technology with a user-centric platform to address long-standing challenges in the event ticketing industry. However, some information such as detailed pricing and sales figures isn’t publicly disclosed, necessitating direct contact with Seatlab for those interested in deeper insights.

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