Most Popular NFT ticketing company

In the frontier of blockchain event management, several NFT ticketing companies have carved out top spots, becoming go-to platforms for organizers and attendees alike. These companies have gained prominence by providing innovative solutions to traditional ticketing problems, offering a seamless blend of security, convenience, and added value.

The most popular of these entities share a common thread: they have transformed ticketing into an experience, not just a transaction. By leveraging the power of NFT technology, they ensure that each ticket is a unique, non-replicable asset, enhancing the trust factor manifold. They have rewritten the narrative of event attendance, turning each ticket into a potential investment that may appreciate in value, based on the exclusivity of the event or associated benefits such as backstage passes, merchandise, or meet-and-greet opportunities.

What sets these leaders apart is their attention to user experience. They provide intuitive platforms that simplify the complexities of blockchain, making NFT ticketing accessible to novices and enthusiasts alike. By accommodating various cryptocurrencies and offering easy fiat currency conversions, they cater to a broad audience, expanding the reach of events globally.

Ticketing fee


3.8% ticketing fee

Plentix ticketing review

5% for paid events
Ticketing fee


4% Ticketing fee